Windows Speedup Tips


Always turn on Windows automatic updates. New updates are required to fix bugs and new functionality. It is also a condition for safety. Along with this, the store applications will also be updated. Likewise, applications will be new and bugs fixed. To do this

Start Menu -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Click “Check for updates” or Click Here

For best performance be sure hardware accelerated gpu schedule is enabled.

If you have external graphic card you must enable it. By default, the graphics card is only activated for games and 3D programs. Enabling the video card for all programs will increase graphics performance.

You can change this settings via

Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Graphics Settings or Click Here

and switch Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling to On.

It requires restart. After restart, all applications will work faster.

Switch to high performance power plan

If you have a desktop PC, you don’t need to save energy. In energy-saving mode, the CPU works slowly and turbo mode is disabled or enabled late. There are also other differences, such as turning off the hard disk. To prevent this change the energy plan. You can do that via

Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> Power & Sleep -> Additional power settings or Click Here

and click Additional power settings from right side


if these settings are not available on your system, you are using old Windows. You should update immediately. For information about your current system
You can see it with Start Menu -> Rigth Click -> System or Click Here

I hope it helps.